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Monday, January 29, 2007


tonight i am taking a finishing class at my lys. when i first moved back to the area, i frequented the shop a little more often, but the people were sort of rude and the shop is really teeny and i would get to feeling a little crowded. over the years they have changed ownership two more times, i think. the first change was even less to my liking. i don't know a thing about who owns it currently, but the atmosphere seems better. the past few times i have stopped by, when i am out to lunch at the whole foods next door or just in the area, the people have been super nice and helpful. what a change! they still don't carry nearly enough sock yarn for my taste and their needle selection is woefully small...but when i need to fondle some yarn or make an impulse buy, this is the place i usually go.
finish me!!i am taking 3 projects with me tonight. i hope it isn't too many, but that's where i need my help. one is really small, it's just picking up the stitches on my sis's bday mittens. i've had one failed attempt and i'm thinking i just need someone to show me. i don't even think they really count since it's such a little thing. the other 2 are projects are bigger. ribby fronts and backs are sewn together, but the sleeves have caused me a little bit of trouble. i need to go pick one out right now so i can start from scratch. and then the other is my must have. i haven't even tried putting it together. it's blocked and waiting. i have never had anyone show or help me before, so i think it's time to really learn to finish. i'm psyched. hope i'll feel the same way tomorrow. i have a habit of setting my expectations a little too high.

i'm thinking about posting my last few skeins of socks that rock on ebay tonight. i have made 2 pairs of socks, am sending 2 skeins to friends, and that leaves 3 of the medium weight still here. i am going to replace them with 3 light weight skeins as soon as i sell them. as i mentioned before, the socks came out just fine, only a little too thick for my shoes. damn that stupid gauge. i also have a skein of euroflax linen and a skein of lornas i am thinking about putting up there. then i can buy more, guilt-free.

so off to un-sew a sleeve and get ready for class. yay!


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