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Wednesday, October 18, 2006


sock in progressi actually started my socks! here's yesterday's progress. the pattern was super easy to memorize, so i feel like i am just zipping along. i won't have much time today for knitting, but tomorrow i plan to make some serious progress.

for karahere's a shot of the baby sweater i finished last week. my best college pal, korene, called yesterday and said their baby girl was born the day before. so now i just need to make sure i get it in the mail. i found this cutest monogram shop that has baby stuff and i plan to get a pair of bloomers monogrammed on the seat to match. that way, maybe with a little t-shirt it will be a cozy lounging around outfit.

fronts & backalso, i finished what little there was to do on the back of my must have cardi. the picture shows the 2 fronts on top of the newly finished back. that means i am down to sleeves and i plan to do them 2 at once. i feel like i am really going to finish this sweater soon. i love it and it's so much fun to knit, only i am scared (very) it isn't going to fit. but i'll cross that bridge when i get there. the color is called paprika which will be great for fall and winter.

i also did a little stash enhancement via the internet. i have a new project in the wings...but i'll show you when it gets here.


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