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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

let 'er rip

i'm starting to hate socksi'm so sad. i like the pattern and i like the yarn, but i hate them together. i'm a socktober failure. i've been surfing around and everyone makes such lovely socks, and lately mine are all poo. on a brighter note, i did procure some new sock stash this month. it hasn't arrived yet, but when it does, i'll show ya. maybe new yarn will make better socks.

peepers and mocha heatherhere's some other stash enhancement from elann. it's peruvian highland wool in mocha heather and you can't believe how fast this got here. extra thumbs-up to elann for super fast shipping. i'm making a solid colored ribby with this good stuff and it's next in line once i finish my must-have. clearly peepers had her own ideas about setup for this shot, and i think it works. i started the must-have sleeves last night and i'm thinking (hoping) they'll be quick.

it's quite chilly here, so i am procrastinating on riding. i was hoping for it to be atleast 50° before i ventured out. i'm a super big-time wimp when it comes to cold weather. really.



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