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Thursday, November 02, 2006

socktober recap

first things first, shout outs to lolly for a great socktober. i loved seeing all the pictures AND the tutorials everyone put togther AND the interviews were super-duper fantastic. lolly must be one organized gal.

glenwood Ii am happy to report that i made somewhat of a recovery during the month of sock. after a late start and a false start, i was able to finish one sock. not an entire pair, but it fits and i like it reasonably well. i followed the generic pattern from the yarn harlot's book with no changes. if i used this pattern again, i would probably do some shaping as it is a teeny bit slouchy. i'm not totally thrilled with the colors, it was just much prettier in the skein.

i'm in lovealso, during socktober i added this to the sock stash. i consider this an incredibly exciting thing, as i have never had any socks that rock. most of the colors i copied right from cara because i worship her (in a non-stalker, not scary sort of way...). one of the two more solid colors i am reserving for a pair of the retro ribs (see previous entry) because i think it will show up a little better and i really liked the pattern. the rest, well who knows! so far i mainly just like having it. and this bumper sticker was enclosed. i'm still laughing.
the sleeves are progressing on my must have. there was a teeny snafu, but i faked it and all is fine. also, i had to stop working them at the same time because it was confusing me. i think i'll be able to do them quicker as singles. i'm motivated because i want to start my ribby. stella totally knocked one out in just a few weeks and she's my muse for my ribby.

in other news, me and the dh are heading to hawaii on sunday for 10ish days. we're getting so excited although it's always hard to leave the animals. we have a great pet sitter for the kitties, so no worries there. and i have 2 lovely young ladies who will ride and love on my horse. still it's hard to leave them. more on our trip before we go. i still have to plan my knitting strategy. it's a really long flight and it can be difficult to achieve the just right amount of projects.

ta ta!


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