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Friday, July 07, 2006


that's what has been missing from my life. seems it is just as big a problem for me to have too much time as opposed to too little. makes no sense, but that's the place i find myself lately. when we got back from indianapolis i decided making a giant list would help me get some things done. and it has! the car is getting hail damage fixed next week...i am getting dr.'s apppointments out of the way...hopefully i can get an electrician to come out...and i am getting the carpet stretched and cleaned. crazy, right?? also, i have enlisted the help of a friend to help pick out fabric for my sofa downstairs which needs recovering, and wallpaper for the master bathroom, something i just never got around too when we moved in 3 years ago. it's time!

hedera with peachesas for knitting. here's my progress on hedera. i think i made a small error in the heel based on the way i read the pattern. it said to repeat rows 1 and 2 23 times...and i think i only did 23 rows total. it looks like it will be ok for the length of the heel, i just need to duplicate the error on sock 2. i really like the way these are coming out. the pattern is pretty easy to remember and in my opinion fairly forgiving in terms of mistakes. i see a few, but i don't feel worried. and usually i am compelled to let 'em rip.

baby bluesecond on the list is baby bolero iv. these are the pieces, by sunday i hope to have it finished. the baby shower is the 22nd, so i am well ahead of schedule yet again (hat's off to me) but i have really struggled with being thrilled about making this. i am very concered about bbv. maybe i should look for another pattern. i have 2 skeins of yellow blue sky cotton if anyone feels bold enough to make a suggestion.

qualifyingthe race was great fun. renault put on a good show, but ferrari was the big winner. it was unbelievably hot, so i mostly knitted on the plane and at the airport. here's a view of the brickyard, toward the tower and pit row during qualifying on saturday.


Blogger Kristen said...

Hi there! I was just surfing and had a case of deja vu. I also made the Baby bolero in a baby blue color! I'm sorry you didn't enjoy making it as much as I did, but it was an easy way for me to slip into the word of seaming.

Have a great day! ~Kristen~

8:51 AM  

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