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Monday, May 29, 2006

pieces & parts

believe it or not, i've been knitting...but it seems like the same old stuff keeps hanging around. to prove there is progress i'll show the following as evidence:

squint to see all 3 pieces!1) must have cardi-if you squint you can see 2 fronts and a nearly completed back. i am taking a small break on this after today, so maybe i could do something more seasonal. more about that later. when i do pick this back up i don't think it will take any time to finish the armhole shaping and then my plan is to work both arms at the same time. finishing is what scares me.

bolero pieces2) baby bolero 2 & 3. both need to be sewn together and the edging added. i have to finish both this week. the lighter color one is a very light sage green. the parents-to-be have elected to not find out the sex of their little, so i opted for something very neutral. hopefully not too much so. i think it would look cute with any onesie type ensemble even if it is not a typical baby color. in the fruit bowl is baby bolero iv. apparently there is something in the water around here.

tequila sunrise 3) sss. here it is in full bloom. i am calling this sock tequila sunrise because that's what it reminds me of, even though i have never had one. that, and the summer. it's basic, but the yarn makes it pretty entertaining. i need to finish (start) the second sock so i can break into the lorna's laces or vesper stash. or maybe even be wild and order some socks that rock. i have always coveted cara's beautiful socks. and i do feel the need to try a different pattern. different pattern and different yarn...that's just out of control!

hope everyone had a safe holiday weekend. we stayed home and had a grand time. i am headed out solo tomorrow to do the beach thing with my parents. i am packing more than one project, but i don't know if anything will get done. something about the beach makes me do more eating, reading and sleeping instead of knitting. but it's important to have options.

hang ten!


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