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Thursday, June 22, 2006

knitting malaise

twinsbefore i start whining, let it be known that two tequila sunrises are better than one. and they are pretty much identical! olé!

whine starts here. i don't know what's wrong, but i am having a hard time with my knitting. i started my fourth baby bolero and had to put it down cause all i wanted to do was burn it. didn't seem like i should put bad vibes like that into a baby sweater. so i pushed that aside and cast on for a baby sock. i was trying to use up some of the scraps of yarn i had, and i thought it would be a good thing. but it wasn't. so i put that aside too. then i thought about my must have cardi, but honestly, it's just too hot to work on that right now. so what's a girl to do? my solution has been to sit around and pout.

probably contributing to my current mood is that i have one nasty summer cold. i woke up monday feeling like dog breakfast, and it has been that way ever since.pretty yesterday was probably the worst because i lost my voice. and when you are chatty like i am, no voice is a sad thing. in an effort to recover, i am staying home from the barn today. or i am trying too. i'm also being quiet. highly challenging.

on a brighter note, all these sunflowers grew underneath my bird feeder. thank you mr. bluejay for making this arrangement possible.


Anonymous Shawn said...

Your socks are beautiful! I love to go to blogs of knitters and see what they are working on. I'm a beginning knitter and socks are my ultimate goal! I don't have a blog- just xanga. Hope you feel better soon.Bessings, Shawn

10:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those socks are most colourful and impressive. Sign me up for a pair. Also, can you knit fall sweater jackets? I had one that looked like a Charlie Brown shirt (zig zag design) but lost it.

Muvie gave a big salute as she passed "South of the Border".

When are you two coming to Charleston for a visit?

4:41 PM  

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