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Friday, June 30, 2006

indianapolis countdown

hederahopefully i am working my way out of my slump by making these lovely socks from knitty. i am using lorna's laces, colorway carrot. i have cast on since this picture was taken and knit 3 rows of ribbing. i don't really have enough light, but i wanted to get them cast on before we got to the airport tomorrow. that's right. sheepish is heading out to indianapolis for this! it's not nascar people--it's formula 1 grand prix racing--and it's going to be fun. we'll be back monday, so you won't even miss me. and maybe you'll see a picture of something other than knitting for a change.

also when i get back i'll show you baby bolero iv. it's finished, but not sewn together. for each bolero, i have started changing the pattern a little to make it easier. for this one i used a 3-needle bind-off for the shoulders and i think it worked great. i know that isn't probably a desirable way to seam shoulders for a larger sweater, but it really keeps the bulk down and looks so neat on something tiny. i don't think it will affect the wearability one bit.

go alonso! go renault!


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