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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

what could be funnier...

than an eastern north carolinian knitting socks watching hockey? that's how it's been here since the hurricanes have been in the playoffs. i feel a little canadian. thanks to hockey, my second tequila sunrise is to the heel, with no need to photograph, as it looks pretty much like the one in a previous post. just scroll down to 5/15 if you need a reminder.

smelly gardeniasboth boleros are finished! i think the pink one looks a little nicer than the greenish one. mainly because the greenish one was shedding a ton and it makes it look sort of ratty. any suggestions for this? they are both blue sky cotton, the only difference is the greenish one is a naturally occurring shade. anyway, i know that each recipient will appreciate the thought and even if they never fit the babies, they will atleast be on a doll or a bear. i hope. so, only two left. one will be blue and the other will be yellow. then i have an extra ball of the yellow for a spare. i nearly have this pattern memorized so when i can make myself do it, i'll start on the next duo.

here are some pictures of a little stash enhancement i did this weekend. my friend mary pope and i made a quick stop at a quirky little store in our area and i came away with these things. i know the cornelia tuttle hamilton book is old, but i have wanted it since last year. there are several projects i am considering acquiring yarn for, including klarlund, susa (a shawl), gesta (a really cute vest, and williamsro (a chunky, very cute cardigan). too much? it would take me the rest of my life to make all of those things.

stash enrichmentand the yarny items. why that's lorna's laces. one is the color carrot, with which i plan to make some cute girly, lace socks, the other is glenwood, a colorway i have been drooling over for a while. i am not sure what pattern i will make with these. i am definitely open to suggestions. also pictured is one skein of euroflax. not entirely sure why i bought that, just wanted it, i reckon.
i love thesesee ya!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny, I feel a lot Canadian. Hmmm, perhaps that's because the Queen mum is still on our quarter.

Muvie says "hi". Famous brownies were stellar; truly out of this world.

Rudy says "meow". His bark is worse than his bite. He's pretty cool. I like Moe's picture; he looks tiny. Perhaps I can meet him someday.

10:41 PM  

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