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Monday, May 15, 2006


some knitting progress!

very summery colorsfirst off, we have a sock that needs its gusset stitches picked up. i am on it, and predict a finished sock by wednesday. i may aim for sooner. i bagged the picot edging and the anklet plan early on. if you can tell in this pic the edging was rolling in my picot is stupid on itself and being a problem. i wasn't in the mood to discover why, so i just started over with my tried and true recipe.

againsecondly, i have passed the trouble spot on my must have cardi. i have entered the black hole where it isn't growing anymore, but atleast everything is as it should be. i would like to finish the back soon. that will leave only the sleeves and i plan to do them together. i am not going to sew this up right away because i would like to work on my technique a little before i do.

bolero ballsand currently in last place, here is the very start of the next baby bolero. i wound the skein into 2 balls and don't laugh, but i count this as an accomplishment. i have some beach time with my parents coming up in the next few weeks and this will be perfect for beach knitting along with my second sock. if it goes really fast, i have a second bolero i can start.

we had a good weekend here. we did the mother's day thing. dh to his and me to mine. both were just lovely. i also finished this and started this. i count that as knitting related. i don't think it matters i am reading them out of order. i will say i do feel inspired to be more creative and to try some different things. i promise am going to try a new type of sock. i have the pamphlet for knitting socks on circulars. i may give that a whirl. also, i have a cardigan than needs to be longer, i am going to try and fix that without ripping the entire thing. and i can't forget my drop spindle and fiber. i am more than a little intimidated by it. but so curious too.


Blogger Pennie said...

cute socks . . . I started my first pair myself . . . having issues but I won't give up :)

2:21 PM  
Blogger Rose said...

Hi There! I really like the orangish colored cable knit cardigan you've created. Might I ask the pattern?

1:13 PM  

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