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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

school's out!

permanently. yippee! i am all done with school. it was a little bit of a non-event when i finished my last class, but that's ok. just not having homework is already making a difference with my free time. i have a list a mile long of things that need to be done, chores mostly, and some fun stuff. and riding. and update my sidebar stuff. and knitting, ofcourse.

i managed to have to rip out my must have cardi again. i don't even know if this is the third or fourth time. i have been misreading the pattern over and over. i now know what i have been doing wrong, and more than likely, it was right the first time. ackk. for that very reason i am taking a break. i started a new sock with a picot cast-on. when (if) the sun comes out today i'll take a pic. i think plain stockinette to go with the cute picot edge. and maybe they'll be short instead of regular length. crazy, i know.

i also have two more balls of blue sky cotton balled up and ready to be turned in to baby sweaters. really just another way to procrastinate on the must have. plus there are some new summer things floating around i am interested in. Cece is so cute, although i prefer long sleeves. also i have always coveted cutaway and the ribi cardi. not to mention the pullover flair or breezy cables from spring ik. neither of those are terribly good for summer, but i could get a head start...and the summer issue should be out soon.

in the meantime, off to grocery shop, target, clean my house, post get the idea.


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