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Thursday, July 20, 2006

no more negativity

i promise.

i would like to present baby bolero iv. it's cute! i actually washed it and everything so here's a pic of it's a boyit's maybe a little cooler blue than the picture shows, but you get the idea. all that's left to do is wrap it and gift it to the mom-to-be. just to say...i really have enjoyed making these little baby sweaters...i think i came off a little bit on the downside last time i wrote about making them. i am sure it's a combo of things, the biggest one being that everyone i know is pregnant or a new mom and that doesn't seem to be in my stars. but there's definitely no shortage of baby knitting opportunities, so that helps makes up for it.

the love is backi have patched things up with hedera. and even though this picture looks much like the last one, it is nearly done. i applied a theory we used to use with dirty clothes when in was in college. if dirty clothes sit around long enough, eventually they will seem clean. so the problems in hedera seemed much less like problems a week later. in fact they really weren't problems at all. voila-clean laundry!

i am going to pick up my must have cardigan next and get it finished. then i am looking for the next big thing. i am sort of interested in the log cabins everywhere...but seriously...if i got bored with 4 baby sweaters, i might honestly do something crazy with an entire blanket in my future. i had toyed with learning to crochet and making a granny square afghan in some funky colors and some sort of yummy yarn. but that just seems drastic. i do like many of the things in the cornelia tuttle hamilton/noro book i got...but they just seem so wintery. maybe cece or ribby? and certainly more socks.


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