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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

rested, relaxed and totally behind

sonya and i had a glorious weekend. the weather was terrible on saturday, but we didn't care. we ate, we drank and we did some actual knitting. we're planning to do it again in september. the first picture on the left shows the view from the covered porch. we sat in the cold on the porch bundled in blankets on saturday even in the rain, just to enjoy the tranquility.

the pond was filled with gigantic koi. they were so interested in being fed, i am certain they were on the evolutionary fast track. they would stick their heads and bodies so far out of the water i was positive they were going to just flop right out of the water onto the rocks. and possibly walk. or at the very least ask for more snacks.

as for knitting, i worked on the back of my must have cardi, and i started a scarf with my lovely handspun that has been prominently featured here. i also balled up some knit and tonic colorway of vesper sock yarn. did i knit on my pirate mitten. NO. so i have one entire mitten to start and finish. i still think it's doable once i get tonight's class and wednesday's out of the way. i will really be experiencing the agony of defeat if i can't finish a pair of mittens when some are making lovely and complicated things. like adrian.

i'll leave you with a close up of buddah. we felt he needed a scarf or maybe a warmer hat. it was really chilly. with just a little more time, i am sure we would have taken care of it.


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