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Friday, September 08, 2006

still knitting

just not very much or very fast.**

finally!i did finally finish my hedera's. i like them, but i don't love them. there are a few mistakes and one seems to be a skooch longer than the other but i am sure i will enjoy them regardless. it was my first, mostly successful lace project. the lorna's laces feels great, but one skein was a little over twisted. i was sort of disappointed, as it was my first experience with lorna's and i was expecting to be wowed. (is that even a word?)

my noni bag is mostly finished. it needs to take a trip to my sister's house to be felted. i think i might have enough yarn to make 2 more smaller flowers. i'm going to wait to choose handles until after it's felted. i hope this is cute when i am done. i have my doubts.

also, i am possibly the lastwarshrag person on the planet to make one of these. the pattern was fun and easy to remember...but i think it turned out sort of ugly. sorry kay & ann. i have a couple more balls in different colors and some leftovers, so i can experiment if the mood strikes. also plan to start the baby kimono in apple green cotton.

i have a giant to do list in regards to knitting. one thing is my last baby bolero. if i just can't make it happen, maybe the kimono can take it's place. i need to finish my must have cardi. just a bit of the back left and 2 sleeves which i plan to do at once. that's funny. i never do anything at once. it will be perfect for winter if i can just finish it. i also want to make a shrug of some sort. i am leaning toward the one skein wonder only with long sleeves. my knitting schmoo, sonya, wants to make one too. so we need to work out the details on that. i also wanted to make a scarf like adrian is making just because the noro colors look so pretty that way and i am a total copycat. and i wanted to start a pair of toe up socks just to see how that works. and maybe some baby booties from an older interweave...oh yeah and bianca's jacket from the new fall issue. and the linen dishtowels from mason & dixon. there's more. i am just too ashamed to list it all.

while i wasn't posting, i was off to charleston. we had a lovely time. sort of the end of summer for sheepish. which is fine. i'll miss the weather, but honestly, knitting is better during all the other seasons. and mark my words. i plan to knit alot in september. if i get my nerve up, i might actually enter something(s) in the state fair.

**note to self: it's time to step away from the orange. and the pink.
halloween, early


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