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Sunday, August 06, 2006

california here i come!

yippeeee! bright and early tomorrow morning i am headed out the door for san diego. i'll be there a week with my non-knitting pal, steph. she has all sorts of fun things planned, but the one i am most excited about is seeing su-lin. i'm only taking one knitting project and that's the second hedera. hopefully it will be complete on my return. if i end up finishing it sooner, i might just have to drag steph to a knit shop. i am sure san diego has several. when i get back, i expect the rest of the yarn for my noni bag will be here and i can finish that up. i am so excited and nervous to get that felted. it's going to be pink and orange and i've been toying with the idea of handles like this, but i am afraid it might be a bit much. i'll just have to wait and see how the bag comes out.

don't miss me too much.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is day 1 w/o Michelle and I miss you already.

9:46 PM  

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