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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

home again

san diego was fun fun fun! we ate and drank and chatted and saw the sights. we went here to get a dose of pop culture and we went here for lunch one day to feel fancy and here for window shopping and walking on the beach. and ofcourse here. i didn't take many pics, but the koala bears were too cute.

cute!and ofcourse su lin. she was completely wedged in a tree and would never cooperate for a better shot. her mom was looking equally comfy straddled over a big dead tree. in their defense, it was a pretty hot day.
pandas in repose
i love you piggyand then this wire haired pig. i love him. he looks like a giant schnauzer. isn't he precious??

hedera II

and don't despair. there has also been knitting. the hedera socks are still not finished, i worked on the second sock quite a bit on the flight to ca, but i packed her and checked her on the way home. i didn't want to take any chances of having my knitting confiscated and on friday noone was much in the mood for answering questions about all the regulations. what a waste of good knitting time, though.

get me my shades

also nearly off the needles is my noni bag. i need to finish the decreases and the ruffle, then a trip to my sis's for felting. i am afraid i am not going to have enough yarn for all the flowers as shown in the pattern. i need to decide if i should order more yarn or do with less flower power. i had the orange in my stash, but i don't think it would matter too much if the dye lot was a little different for just the flowers. and i may not need all those flowers, i'll just wait and see. i'm already thinking about my next projects. definitely some more socks and a ribby. for sure. i have had it on my list forever and i'm ready. i mean it. although i really would like a shrug too. hmmm.

see ya.


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