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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

purple, purple and more purple

frontbacki finished the baby bolero on sunday, and i think it came out pretty cute. pulling out the pink thread to add the ribbing wasn't as bad as it could have been. for the next one i will try the provisional or some other sort of cast on that might be easier to remove. i wish where it was seamed at the shoulders didn't come out so thick. again, my finishing leaves a little to be desired. my next one will commence as soon as i wind the yarn in a ball. it will be the same brand, blue sky cotton, and the color will be shrimp.

new chucks & finished socksalso, the second sock is finished. yay! i am getting ready to cast on for a new pair, and i think these are going to be much shorter to wear with tennies. i have a new pair of chuck's and i think cute socks is just what they need. i was thinking i would use some vesper or something else from the stash. i don't think my feet will be too hot. or i guess i could try a cotton blend.

knitting is going to be pretty slim over the next 2 weeks. i have 3 illustration projects, 1 photoshop project and my entire portfolio and resume due. i'm sort of worried about finishing it all. but then sort of over it too. the end is always tough. but i'll be glad to be done. next on the list...find a job.



Anonymous Cara said...

YOUR socks look great! I love how they match the pansies in the post below. Have a great day!

2:50 PM  

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