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Monday, April 10, 2006


pretty in pansiesnot much knitting going on at sheepish, but i am happy to say that the baby bolero needs nothing but edging. i have to search and see if i have this size circular, or go shopping. i did a little research and i now know what a provisional cast-on is and i'll know better next time. hopefully i can make the longtail work. i may have to just snip it out and be super careful when i pick up the stitches. i would also like to say my finishing skills are non-existent and i really, really would like to improve them. especially when you give something as a gift. i always have the nagging fear it will fall apart.

second sock syndrome avertedi also started the mate for the purple striped opal sock that was started awhile back. should be able to make this a pair shortly. perfect for an inbetween homework sort of thing. obviously i am more than a little proud of my pansies this year.

and in the booty dh was sweet enough to buy me all three of the yarn harlot's books. i felt so left out never having read a word of a single one. but no more. i was trying to save them for the beach in may, but i peaked at this one. if i can't save them maybe i'll spring for this or this, or both!

we're gonna have birdies!
baby cardinals


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