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Monday, April 03, 2006

this one's for bob

peeper's headshothere's a little knitting progress brought to you by peepers. it's the baby bolero from one skein. quick, cute, clever pattern. so far, i love it. the pictures may not be the clearest of the knitting, but peepers was being a willing model, and that never happens. so focus on peeps in today's shots.

say cheesesince this picture has been taken, the last section on the left, where the needle is, has been completed and the sleeves have been started. i am working both sleeves at the same time. i hope to sew this tiny thing up this weekend and get the ribbing done. i have a 3 week old to try it on, just to see what the size is like. she's just over 7lbs today. the only (big) problem i forsee is that i had (still have) no idea what a provisional cast on is, and i just did my normal long-tail cast on with a yarn of a different color. hopefully i'll be able to get it out easily enough.
peepers being cute


Anonymous Anonymous said...

your knitting looks good
but that kitty simply looks bad

8:54 PM  

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