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Friday, March 17, 2006


awwwwso, long time, no blog. that's how it is when it's spring break and you have nothing to do. funny how that works.

the trip to dc was a blast. we stayed on dupont circle, which was nicely located near our goal. tai shan. and that was the first thing we did, once we got settled. we headed to the national zoo. i have to say, they must not be on the fast track to getting ready for spring, because there was so much construction going on and some much needed spring cleaning to be done. also many animals were not on exhibit. i guess they couldn't plan for the beautiful weather. but never fear. the object of our desire was hanging out, pleasing the crowds. he stayed in his tree the entire time we were there. he may not look it, but he really seemed comfortable.
precious littlewe did other things while we were there too. we ate some yummy food thanks to recommendations from my dear friend, bob. we hit the air and space museum and the natural history museum. also the phillips collection, which i really enjoyed. we tried to get into the spy museum, since i have a preoccupation with all things alias, but sadly all the time slots were booked. we strolled around and ate in alexandria. we did pretty well for only having 2 full days.
tai shan being cutei did actually do some ripping and knitting. i fixed and re-messed up my must have cardi, so i am just taking a break from it for awhile. i have a sock to show in the very cute opal rainforest color called fish. i have nearly finished the handspun scarf i started way back when i was at the bali house. i love it, but i'm not sure anyone else will. i also have ordered a few things from kpixie and knitpicks. more about that when the packages actually arrive. it's been so long since i've bought yarn, i'm absolutly giddy. so later this weekend i'll show some projects and hopefully next week i'll have goodies from the usps to show.

i have a horse show this weekend and shopping with my sis scheduled for a perfect end to a good break. i didn't do a lick of homework, which i will probably hate myself for later.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your blog is most interesting. As a virgin knitter, it is somewhat intimidating. However, over time, I shall learn from the zen master.

Muvie sends her regards.

Your biggest fan,

M.T. Pleasant

10:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see you are a gold medalist at the Knitting Olympics. Did you participate in the Biathlon? Combination of knitting some mittens followed by the 20 yard dash for kittens.

The next time Muvie's in town please have her taken a picture of Moe wearing the gold medal. Go Moe, GO!!

10:31 PM  

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