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Monday, March 27, 2006

it's a bear!

bobbi in the lamb's earlookie! bobbi bear is finished and in roughly one week. that's crazy! the baby it's a gift for is still a baby! this is some sort of record. notice that arms, ears and a face really do play down a giant head. and honestly, bobbi isn't scary at all.

this pattern was fun and only a little complicated. the bonus was there was little finishing to do since it was all sort of made in one piece. very cool. however, i do see some places where the stuffing shows through the stitches and some other places where the stitches aren't very neat. and i couldn't figure out the duplicate stitch around the neck, so i added a ribbon. i have enough yarn to do a second. i'll probably take a break and work on my other sock.

i'm still waiting for the book with the baby bolero in it. i wish that would hurry and get here. i am really digging these fast, small projects. i get such a sense of accomplishment, which helps keep my momentum going. and they are easy to squeeze in with the ever increasing mountain of end of year projects for school.

i'll leave you with one last shot of bobbi.
bobbi in front of the bird feeder


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