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Monday, March 06, 2006

to the pond

the frog pond, that is.

up until 5 minutes ago i was going to write a long, glowing post about how great everything was going with my cardi. i measured and was about halfway done with the back before starting the armhole shaping...was making plans for two sleeves at once. it was all going to be so great. i already have the fronts finished. what did cara call it? yarma? i have bad knitting yarma.

and then i started looking. really looking. and right in front of my face i saw where the first pattern repeat at the very bottom near the ribbing is too small. you'll see what i mean when i post the pic. how could this happen?? my thinking is it happened in wilmington. i could be wrong, but that would have been the most likely place. anyway, i'll be ripping it tomorrow. i considered leaving it, but i think it would make it so the pattern on the front two pieces didn't match up with the back. alas.

i did notice that carrie is making this very same sweater. i hope she is paying better attention than i was.

we are going to dc this weekend what a cutieto see the panda! i can't wait. there will be plenty of knitting time because we are driving. i think it's about 5ish hours. aside from the zoo, we are leaving our plans pretty loose. i am hoping we can find nice dinner out without being too touristy. and maybe brunch on sunday. basically i'm in it for the panda and the meals. i love tai shan. alot. this picture is from the national zoo pandacam page. i've spent a scary amount of time on that website. but there is no denying it, he is precious.


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