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Sunday, June 08, 2008

tractors are cool

ohmygodiamdrivingatractor!i was in canada just a week or so ago to celebrate the recent nuptials of my sis and her canadian husband. a good time was had by all. but i, mostly likely had the best time. not only was everyone super nice but they even let me operate their fancy farm equipment. crazy. fun. that's me. right there in the cab of that fancy john deere. seriously.

yummy, ehalso my sis, her hubbie, and friend humored me with a trip to the local yarn store. cute shop with all sort of goodies. i made purchases of the canadian yarn variety, my first koigu ever. the clerk was nice and when i apologized for the behavior of my non-knitting companions she laughed and said, "some people just don't get it." true true. but they got it enough to let me go. i did catch a bit of grief later, but it was totally worth it.

in further canadian news, i'll be headed to montreal later this month for work. so there is the possibility of even more canadian yarn shopping in my future. in fact, i should do some research.

i have some knitting to show, but i'll save that for another post. don't want to overdo it.


Blogger Lisa said...

Oooh, pretty Koigu! I can only imagine being so close to the birthplace.

7:43 AM  
Anonymous Bob said...

will you come cut my backyard in that tractor?

1:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

has sheepish has abandoned her fans? we wait and wait for news of knitting...(ok, some of us just look at the pictures).

1:52 PM  

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