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Thursday, April 24, 2008

la la la loksins

lovely loksinsyay! finished socks. and i love love love them. great pattern, so well written. the only change i would potentially make is the heel. something a little better fitting for me. the yarn, louet gems, ended up growing on me. i'm curious to see how it washes and holds up.

in further knitting news, i have made a commitment to finish my current projects. pinky swear. i have 1 jaywalker and 1 hedgerow to complete before any more socks can start. and i have to finish my sweaters and kilim gloves before any other bigger projects commence. it really isn't that much. i don' t think so anyway. to be honest, i haven't actually done an inspection. but this is my promise, which based on past history is actually worth nothing.

boxy update: she's still in the same general area. she was in her same cave up until yesterday, but i think i am annoying her, so she moved. only about 2 feet away into another little cave. i am trying my hardest not to disturb her, but i want to make sure she's alright. big shout out to rb who sent me the link for figuring out her sex. i did not try. to me, she's a girl and that's that. i've never actually even touched her. boxy is cool.

blurry upclose detail


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your socks are lovely. I am proud of your renewed commitment. We are off to see DG very early in the AM.

Boxy's Aunt

6:54 PM  

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